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Personal Power Creations

         These Items are steeped in the darkened past of ancestral memories, from places long forgotten by most but kept alive in song or poem. Inspired by the designs of the tools of old, these items exist in multiple dimensions at once, not just here in our time and space but beyond that in the realms of spirit. From the time of Dragons, and Unicorns, of myth and magic where wonder and miracle were not something to be doubted but trusted. Many great sages in the past have wielded these tools before, such as Moses with his great staff imbued with the Divine Light of God, The Merlin of Briton with his staff of the Dragon, and the great Native American Sages with their Spears of Light.
         There was a time before man and machine where science was magic, and as trusted as our science is to us now, their magic was to them in that time. Long before the mountains separated and made the seven islands of man, there was one land which we now call Pangea. Millennia passed and the lands of Pangea drifted apart becoming the beginnings of what we recognize as our world now. In this prototime before recorded modern histories, before Egypt, Babylon and Sumer, there were older civilizations. Now shrouded in half truths and mysteries, because none now live who can recall these places from their own memories, these ancient worlds resurface in our time through spirit wisdom, ancestral memories and past life recollections.
         From the great Isle of Atlantis, hidden past the pillars of Heracles come the Power Wands (a sad name for such a wonderful tool but an apt one none the less), from Lemuria come ancient stones of strong psychic vibrations, when mated with Atlantean wand design creates a fusion of ancient magics and modern science brings them together to form the wands I make now. From the Lands of the Native American Shaman comes the Spirit Lance, a tool of might and majesty commanding the very air with the confidence it imbues. Tools born in one place, mated with the magics of another world, bringing them together to aid you in your workings.
         The Atlantean Power Wands basic design functions as a universal tool, allowing you to store vast amounts of energy to tap as you will, collecting hyperspacial energies in the form of tachyon particles. These energies collect in the haft of the wand forming a reservoir of energy that moves beyond the normal limits of time, and at a subatomic and quantum levels are extremely malleable. With proper practice and focus, these wands can be used to effect powerful changes in the universe around you. In the hands of a skilled healer, they lend incredible pure light that penetrates deep within the cells of a sick person, allowing the healer to work on deeper levels than would normally be accessible.
         There are variations on the Atlantean Power Wand that are my own designs, and each has their own tasked function as well as the natural uses they all have. The Summoner channels vast energies for the magus to control, The Banisher cleanses an area with a laser intensity beam of energy, sweeping negativity and foul spirits away. There are the wands of the Seven Rays, attuned to each of the chakras to aid in strengthening and cleansing your bodies energy fields, and the Healer wand, whose deep hues lend soothing energies to your healing works.
         The Spirit Lance is both tool and weapon, honing the will of the user into a keen edge. Most useful in the protection of the user while they travel, in banishing unwanted spirits and channeling strong energies with safety, the Spirit Lance is a Shamans sacred weapon, like the Athame to a Witch, the Spirit Lance holds energies, makes wards and breaks seals. Truly an enchanted weapon, simply holding the haft one can feel the universe listening intently to the words you incant. Many legends hold with magic weapons being key to victory, with this weapon in hand courage and strength abound, and with the Lance focusing your will and spirit nothing is beyond your reach.
    Currently we have online a few examples of our previous work and current projects in the Gallery below. Each of these items is made custom, so these are examples only. Your personal one will vary from the designs shown.
One of our Previous Spirit Lances The Summoner Power Wand
A Close up of the Head of the Spirit Lance The Head of the Summoner Wand
An example of the Lemurian Teaching Stones we work with in our wand and staves The hilt of the current Spirit Lance we are working on
An example of hilt of both the wand and the Spirit Lance The basic design of the wrappings of the Spirit Lance.

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