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    When we speak of need, what we mean is not your desire for the item, but what it fills in your life. This step is most crucial in our ordering process, especially for our Dreamcatchers. Not simply artwork to be hung upon the wall, these items filter out negative dreams and influences in the area that they are hung. Placed above the bed, they aid in restful sleep and prevent deep nightmares, catching them within the web above.
    While a life story isn't reqiured of every item, some information about who it is for, whether it is yourself, or a loved one helps in the creation process. Each person has different challenges in their life and at different stages of that life, the right influences can make a fantastic difference. While a middle aged person may suffer from frequent nightmares as easily as a child, a childs are often easier to fix than an adult, so perhaps some information like age of the recipient, what kind of person they are, such as are they frequently troubled by bad dreams, or if this is simply a gift given of love, those things make all the difference. Trust to your heart to tell you how much you need to share. If we have any questions we have no problem writing to inquire for a bit more detail to help in the creation process.
    Once you have a good idea of what your need for the item is, put it into words and email it to us at      along with your order confirmation number after completing your order on the next page.