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    With this step and with step two some personal reflection is in order. Think about what your needs are, if its as simple as you already know which item you need, then move onto step two HERE or continue on with this step as needed.

First choose one of the types of items we make from the galleries HERE. Each one will have item information, take note of the things you like about the materials included in its creation, size, gems etc. Those are important parts of the creation process for us. The dream catchers especially take a bit of time because each one speaks to the creator of how it wants to look, and based upon your need and ideas, the Weaver spins the circle then weaves the web within. Sometimes appearing in dreams or simply being communicated to the Weaver by the Creation itself, its a very spiritual and emotional act. We take great pride in our creations.

Then once you have a feel for the type of thing you are looking for, move to step two HERE.